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Electric car aficionados may only be interested in the statistic that the 2020 Porsche Taycan beat the Tesla Model S P100D in Ludicrous mode in the quarter-mile. That’s impressive but it doesn’t mean a lot when you and your passengers are stuck in traffic with nobody moving. That’s when your thoughts will turn inward so it’s time to look at the Taycan’s interior and how it will treat your passengers.

2020 Porsche Taycan

The first thing you may notice is the high level of technology employed in the Taycan. There is a 16.8-inch curved screen used for the instrument cluster with touch-sensitive buttons at the edges. The infotainment system is a 10.9-inch touchscreen, and there is an auxiliary 8.4-inch touchscreen with permanently displayed shortcut keys. The instrument screen has a lot of different options available for view, including a full-screen map for the navigation system.

The primary infotainment screen has many layers that are customizable to make it easier to navigate. We mention a “primary” infotainment screen because you can opt for a secondary screen placed in front of the passenger seat which doesn’t have as many functions but allows the passenger to handle entertainment or assist with navigation. The auxiliary screen directly below the primary infotainment screen may be most useful to handle climate control functions. It also has the controls for opening the trunk or frunk, and there is a center blank screen that can find functions by drawing letters with your finger until it gives you the right clue.

The driver’s seat positions you higher than you would find in a 911 as an example. The starter button on the left and the toggle switch for gear selection on the right of the steering wheel are blocked from view and the driver will feel them more than see them. Rear seat space is limited and probably best suited for shorter passengers due to limited headroom. The rear window view is also limited due to the roof slope and the rear seat headrests.

The Taycan is very quiet when on the road, which may be surprising as it is riding on big tires on 21-inch wheels which make a lot of noise. A conversation at highway speeds is easy and comfortable. The motor and transmission noises are enhanced by the sound system to create a more realistic sound which is further increased with more bass in Sport or Sport Plus driving modes. You can opt to enhance the audio with a mid-price Bose system or go all the way with the Burmester system.

The interior consists of premium materials and craftsmanship as you would expect from Porsche. There is a choice of faux leather, RaceTex faux leather, or real leather. You have numerous color choices available which can then be accented with trim using piano-black plastic, real wood, aluminum, or carbon fiber. You can even change the seat belt colors, choose different headliners, and have your key fobs matched to the car’s exterior color.

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