The Urus, and Why the Huracan Spyder has a Soft Top

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In a recent interview with Digital Trends, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann was asked about market trends concerning a recent addition to the line, the Huracan Spyder. He believes the largest market for the Spyder convertible is in the US, with perhaps Europe next. Asia is expected to sell more coupes, due to a regional preference for that luxury car body style.

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He was then asked about the use of a soft top on the Spyder versus a hard top design. Winkelmann responded that there would be too much overlap with the coupe if the Spyder used a hard top. In addition, the aesthetics of the Spyder design were more compatible with a soft top. He feels the soft top suits the lifestyles of owners who choose it, and because it is smaller than the coupe top it lends itself to being a powered folding unit. He also stated that his engineers needed a soft top design to aerodynamically allow the use of rear fins, while accounting for the placement of the engine and other components. Last but not least, he simply feels the soft top is a better look for the Spyder.

Lamborghini is also planning a SUV entry into the luxury market with the Urus, scheduled for release around 2018. Winkelmann was asked if the Urus would compete against their own Bentley Bentayga. His response was that the two vehicles will have different design and driving factors, and therefore should not compete in the luxury SUV segment. He also felt the SUV market will continue to grow, and therefore having another model will allow them to compete. Another factor in marketing the Urus is that annual production will be very limited, with about 3000 units. It will be marketed as an exclusive vehicle for a very small customer base, and shouldn’t have any negative impact on the Bentayga. Winkelmann is betting a lot of resources and money on the Urus, with hundreds of millions of dollars expected to be spent in development and early production.

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