The Intelligent Driving Assistant — Porsche InnoDrive

Different automakers tout the capabilities of their cars to provide driver assistance. Porsche has created a system that goes far beyond any other system found today and is available in the Panamera 4S — InnoDrive. This system acts as a co-driver versus an occasional assistant. Using precise GPS data, the InnoDrive system not only knows the road ahead, but also the exact topography of the area including changing elevation, road gradients, and shape of every curve.

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When you set a destination into the InnoDrive system, it will calculate all the parameters for the route ahead and will use those calculations to develop an ideal driving profile. The result is an incredibly smooth trip at optimum efficiency, with the InnoDrive system providing gear changes, acceleration, and braking. The driver provides steering, looks for traffic, and operating turn signals, but the system replaces the driver’s feet on the pedals.

A key part when developing the InnoDrive system was understanding what levels of acceleration and braking would be acceptable to Porsche owners. Porsche research showed that rapid acceleration followed by coasting was the most efficient use of the Porsche flat-six engines, but most drivers would find this uncomfortable. Because the Panamera 4S is a luxury sedan, the algorithms were smoothed to provide a more comfortable acceleration level.

After engaging the InnoDrive system, it will recalculate the remaining route roughly twice per second. A camera monitors speed limit signs and other visual cues while the sophisticated GPS monitors the road ahead. The result is millions of available driving profiles, then the system discards many of them for being unrealistic for the planned trip. An optimum profile is chosen, the Panamera responds, and the system recalculates the route again and again. If a driver is prepared and desires a more responsive trip, they can switch to Sport mode and the system chooses speed as the top priority over comfort and efficiency. Therefore, you can have the best of both worlds with the Panamera 4S and the InnoDrive system.

Come to Manhattan Motorcars and let us show you the technologically advanced InnoDrive system in the sophisticated Porsche Panamera 4S. Let InnoDrive can become your indispensable co-driver while you enjoy the style and panache of the Panamera.

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