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You are a person of wealth, style, and substance. Perhaps you are a world leader, a business entrepreneur, or someone who has spent a lifetime creating personal wealth. You expect the best around you, including your vehicle. Now you can have the pinnacle of automotive design, the Rolls-Royce Phantom Limelight Collection. With only 25 exquisitely crafted vehicles worldwide, you will be owner of one of the world’s superb super luxury vehicles. You have earned it, and you deserve it.

The Collection will be available in either the Phantom or Phantom Extended Wheelbase editions. It will display an elegance, an opulence if you will, that exceeds normal imagination. There will simply be no comparison with any other vehicle. Starting with the exterior, the Collection will use the Bespoke Gala Blue paintwork that exhibits a depth of color that can only be attained through meticulous application of multiple layers of pigment. Then Rolls-Royce craftsmen will carefully add the Seashell coachline and Bespoke Diamond motif that will appear to float above a sea of rich blue. Diamond motifs will also be added to the sides and rear, a first for Rolls-Royce and unique to the Limelight Collection. The exterior appearance is further enhanced by the precisely polished nine-spoke alloy wheels, adding a distinctive appearance whether moving or stationary.

The interior has been refined above any previous Rolls-Royce standard, an achievement in itself hard to imagine. The attention to detail is visible thorough the cabin, from the sumptuous enhanced ergonomic rear seating with adjustable head, calf, and electric foot rests introduced for the Limelight Collection, to the his and hers Bespoke rear door panniers, carefully hand-crafted of fine metals and luxurious leathers. The fragrance bottles are handmade in the Bresle Valley of Upper Normandy, France, and incorporate integral filters for easy fragrance decanting and different stoppers for ease in selecting the fragrance of choice. All compartments are illuminated to make selections easier.


His pannier includes a concealed fragrance holder with three fragrance bottles, a carbon-fiber custom Z-box with storage for cufflinks, collar stiffeners or tie pins, a concealed wristwatch compartment, and storage for a smartphone, glasses, credit cards, or other items.

Her pannier includes a fragrance compartment with three decanters, a dual wristwatch or jewelry holder, vanity pouches and glasses stowage, and an accessory Z-box readily on display for storing rings, earrings, or other valuables.

The Limelight Collection uses a two-veneer system unique to this vehicle, and a first for the Phantom. Piano Seashell has been applied to the door cappings, adding a harmonious connection to the fine leather interior, and bringing the eye both to the door panniers described above, as well as the Smoked Chestnut veneer used in the door panniers and center console, another first for the Phantom.

The Bespoke Diamond motif is carried throughout the interior, from the seat upholstery, door cards, rear console, and for the first time the picnic table backs. The Diamond is considered the third marque of Rolls-Royce, after the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy and the Rolls-Royce monogram. The Diamond motif used both inside and out in the Limelight Collection will pay homage to the legendary Rolls-Royce brand and the generations of craftsmen who have turned metal and leather into works of art.

The interior leathers will be available in two distinct color schemes: Seashell with Navy Blue contrast leather using Seashell tone-on-tone stitching, and Navy Blue with Seashell contrasting leather and Navy tone-on-tone stitching. Both will be enhanced by Navy Blue floor mats in lambs wool. Final touches like customized tread plates and the Bespoke Clock carefully placed in the front console Smoked Chestnut veneer, and incorporating nuances of the Diamond motif and Gala Blue paint exterior, will complete the Phantom Limelight Collection. Your eye will be soothed by the carefully planned and executed interior treatments, while your body will be soothed by the ergonomic seating in premiere leather appointments.

To experience the Limelight Collection, you need to visit us at our luxury car dealer Manhattan Motorcars, where we can show you the apex of super luxury design and engineering, the Phantom Limelight Collection. With only 25 vehicles available, you won’t want to wait. Now is the time, you deserve the best.

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