Rolls-Royce Dawn Named 2016 Design of the Year

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If you know anything about Rolls-Royce, you know that all of their vehicles exude a sense of luxury, lavishness, and regality. It’s no surprise that the Robb Report named the all-new 2016 Rolls-Royce Dawn ‘Design of the Year’. The convertible was recognized mere weeks after its international launch in Cape Town, South Africa in the inaugural Robb Report Cars of the Year awards.

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The glorious convertible runs on a 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine. Dawn’s interior cabin is crafted with the finest leather and wood and can seat four more comfortably than you could ever imagine a convertible to be. The multi-fabric foldaway roof crafted with French seam can be raised and lowered within 22 seconds effortlessly with just the push of a button. Cruise through city streets or country roads with the top down and experience the ultimate ride: the technology and elegance within the Dawn, and the serenity, excitement, and relaxation of nature all around you. The roof was designed in such a way that when it is up, the 2016 Dawn is the world’s quietest convertible, ensuring that you and all of your passengers experience the ride of a lifetime every time you set foot in the car.

The exterior falls perfectly in line with the three previous Rolls-Royce models. All of the angles have been carefully considered so that whether the top is up or down, we see a sleek, aerodynamic vehicle. The classic front grille and wide track demand authority on the road while maintaining the utmost class and prestige.

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