The Rimac C_Two is form, function, and technology. It is an all-electric GT hyper-car, a new breed equally capable on the track or on the road. It is unmistakable as a Rimac and yet also completely new in design and function. The signature “tie” design on the sides are perfectly sculpted both to highlight the brand and act as air intakes for rear cooling systems.



  • 0-60 mph in 1.85 seconds
  • 1,914 horsepower
  • 258 mph top speed
  • 1,696 lb-ft of torque


The design continues with the unique butterfly doors; not only are they a dramatic statement when opened, they also open up the sill plate for easier entry or exit. The wide rear end contains numerous aerodynamic elements providing active control at speed. The wheels are lightweight, forged alloy, and designed to bring cooling air to the carbon-ceramic brakes. The tires are bespoke and designed by Pirelli to optimize the performance and handling of the C_Two. High-intensity LED lights at the front and rear provide excellent illumination as well as a striking visual statement. Each headlight is a group of 58 LEDs managed by a Rimac control unit with its own ventilation system. The rear lights contain ventilation outlets from the rear cooling units.

Aerodynamics are controlled by active external body features. The hood or bonnet contains active flaps which modify the aerodynamic profile, resulting in a low drag coefficient. The front splitter active elements manage airflow for electronics and battery cooling. The rear wing moves according to needs for maximum cornering force, optimum downforce at maximum speeds, and instantly deploying as an air brake when decelerating. The underbody is fully flat and works with the rear valance to accelerate airflow under the vehicle and reduce air pressures there. Active flaps manage this airflow and divert air as needed for battery cooling.

The body of the C_two is fully carbon fiber with a bonded carbon roof, integrated battery structures, rear carbon subframe, and crash structures using aluminum and carbon fiber. The result is a strong yet light body system. The battery system uses lithium/manganese/nickel in thousands of liquid-cooled cells to produce an amazing 1.4 megawatts of power and is placed for optimum weight distribution. Four electric motors, one at each wheel, provide all-wheel drive and an unparalleled level of dynamic control. The motors use a bespoke dual permanent magnet system with oil cooling and more than 97% efficiency with maximum torque from a dead start. They offer near-endless life and maintenance-free operation. The front wheels transfer power through single-speed gearboxes, while the rear wheels use a unique two-speed gearbox to provide maximum torque and awesome acceleration.

The technology continues with an experience that is very much like a game console. Drivers can load selected racetracks using the “Driving Coach” function. This provides guidance on racing lines in and out of curves, braking and acceleration points, and steering guidance. The Rimac torque vectoring system replaces traction control and offers infinite variability in dynamic response. The driver can vary the vehicle response from perfectly controlled on slippery roads to a drifting sports car. Other features include facial recognition instead of a key, over 500 channels of telemetry, connectivity to mobile apps, active safety features including automatic braking and collision avoidance, blind spot monitoring, lane keeping assist, and fully adaptive cruise control. All this is supported by eight cameras, two lidar units, six radar units, ultrasonic sensors, and an extremely precise GPS system.

But this is far from the end of the list. The infotainment system monitors all vehicle systems and provides telemetry via live animations or graphs. You can browse seamlessly through your music library, with all systems being intuitive and convenient. The main instrument cluster is three TFT screens with the driver being able to select a minimum or maximum amount of information there. Screen control is either through touch or billet aluminum rotary controls. There is some information provided directly in front of the co-driver which downloads on-board data creating a sophisticated system for the co-driver.

The Rimac C_Two offers generous space for its two passengers and luggage, making it an excellent touring vehicle. It offers a range over 400 miles with every mile being the ultimate satisfaction. The unique doors allow for easy entry and exit since they take a part of the door sill with them as they open. Both the seats and steering column are electrically adjustable, making the C_Two comfortable on the road or on the track. A generous rear storage area is configurable by the customer’s specifications.

If you are prepared to handle the ultimate supercar, come to Manhattan Motorcars Chelsea and inquire about the Rimac C_Two. Your life will never be the same.


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