Rewaco is a company that specializes in the production of “factory built trikes” founded in 1990 in Germany. The German-based manufacturer has designed and built innovative trikes for the last 3 decades. These trikes have modernized and improved the trike industry by challenging its design, engineering, and performance. They’ve complied with the ever-changing rules and regulations of motor manufacturers, making them one of the safest bikes on the road. Due to its selection and popularity in Europe, the company is looking to expand its presence in the U.S. market.

Two German-American entrepreneurs and tike fanatics, Herbert Baum and Manfred Glanzner decided to partner with Rewaco Germany to form Rewaco Trikes USA. Allowing the US market to gain all the new 2021 RF1 Trike Series. Their mission is to import and distribute these innovative trikes in the USA, by creating partnerships with dealers in selective states and cities. Their headquarter and facility is located in Ft Myers, FL, and offers plenty of new inventory and parts to support the dealers nationwide. Their focus is to offer exceptional service to both dealers and riders to enjoy these exclusive machines.

The real reason people buy a Rewaco is because of its powerful engine, the RF1 Turbo 1.5 liter Mitsubishi which pumps out 140hp. This powerful engine includes a 7-speed CVT fully automatic transmission with independent rear suspension. These trikes offer an incredible new design, aerodynamics, a wide stance with a low center of gravity, oversized wheels, and tires. The bucket seats come with full back support for the rider and the passenger giving a 360 view. A wide variety of options are available that offer wind protection, audio systems, 25 color choices, and two or three-seater models.

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