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Manhattan Porsche Panamera in NYC


Perhaps you are a former Porsche owner, or someone who now has the means to purchase the best sports cars in the world. Life, on the other hand, has other ideas, and you resign yourself to having an average sedan with room for back seat passengers. Wait, don’t pull the trigger yet on that sedan, because Porsche offers the Panamera with seating for four adults. Problem solved

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  • The interior may be unorthodox for a sedan.

    The new Panamera model’s exquisite interior is designed around four individual seats. This unusual structure offers a high degree of accommodation for four occupants and their luggage, and ensures driving pleasure on both daily commutes and longer journeys.

  • Pleasure and principle.

    You can feel it when you’re behind the wheel of a Panamera: a focus on performance that never wavers, despite the confl icting demands for comfort and effi ciency. It is precisely because our engineering principles remain intact that you can experience the pure pleasure of driving.

  • Calm and pulse. Balance.

    Driving a Porsche is a balance between two emotions: a pulse-quickening energy fueling the car’s response to your right foot, and an inner calm that comes from the confi dence of knowing you have some of the world’s most advanced technologies aiding your every move.

  • Style and feel. Personality.

    When style is a pure expression of individuality, of one’s own ideas and impulses, it lends selfassurance to every action and every encounter. It’s only by remaining true to those desires that style becomes your own personal style.

Spirit, declared.

To us, independence is above all a feeling, but it is also a guiding principle. It is the principle by which we can think for ourselves, explore our own direction, and live our own lives. How better to do this than in a roadster, a concept in which freedom of spirit has always been the core idea.

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  • Personalize

    How about having your car personalized at the factory through Porsche Exclusive, or why not consider our range of aftermarket accessories from Porsche Tequipment? You will find plenty of inspiring ideas in all the relevant catalogs and your Authorized Porsche dealer will be happy to advise you.

  • Decision and horizon.

    Sometimes one life is not enough. There is so much to see and do. Then again, why couldn’t we live two lives at once? Why couldn’t we sit in a sedan and drive a sports car at the same time? The new Panamera models offer an enticing solution and provide an exciting experience for the next horizon.

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