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Manhattan Porsche Cayman near Greenwich, CT


As you walk around the Porsche Cayman, your eye follows the smooth lines, sculpted edges, and smooth fastback hardtop gently sloping to the rear. The exterior declares this is a brilliant melding of form and function, with style and excitement to suit the discriminating owner. Porsche has made sure the brilliant in the Cayman is not simply skin deep. To the contrary, this is a motorcar with serious muscle and tech beneath that stylish exterior.

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  • For those who believe life is lived at the apex of a curve.

    There is a place where driving pleasure reaches its pinnacle. Where the laws of physics are set in asphalt, and where gravity insists on finding its center. It’s a point so precisely located, a single degree can be the difference between a perfect moment and profound disappointment. Welcome to the apex of the curve, where the new Porsche Cayman lives.

  • Feeling relaxed is all about feeling in control.

    Creating an uncompromising sports car takes conviction. Giving it an unmistakable design takes creativity. Combine both conviction and creativity and apply it to the interior design. What results? An environment where the driver is central in the driving experience. In the new Cayman, this has been made possible by a new interior architecture that gives a feeling of open space and offers plenty of freedom of movement around the low-positioned standard sport seats.

  • Advanced Technology

    Forward thrust is measured by your heart rate. Or it can be displayed in numbers. The three circular instruments give you all the information you need. The rev counter with digital speedometer is positioned in the center. In the Cayman S, the dial face is Aluminum-colored; in the Cayman, it is finished in minimalist black. The instrument on the left contains the analog speedometer with digital trip meter and total distance display.

  • Single-mindedness is not a character trait to be cast aside when things take a turn.

    The new Cayman challenges the limits of physics. It exploits the potential of every corner and interprets the mid-engine concept more purposefully, more independently, and in a more contemporary way than ever before—in its design, in its performance, and in its handling.

Spirit, declared.

To us, independence is above all a feeling, but it is also a guiding principle. It is the principle by which we can think for ourselves, explore our own direction, and live our own lives. How better to do this than in a roadster, a concept in which freedom of spirit has always been the core idea.

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  • By definition, Intelligent Performance demands the highest regard for driving security.

    On the new Cayman models, this concept includes innovative bodywork construction that is highly rigid despite its having achieved a weight savings of up to 66 pounds compared with the previous model. The inherent stiffness delivers increased stability and agility. It includes a new interior architecture that provides reliable protection in the event of an accident.

  • Environment.

    You aren’t the only one looking for ways to improve your performance. In an era of intensifying debate about global climate change and CO2 emissions, automotive manufacturers are among those asking themselves how they can contribute to environmental protection. Our answer has long been the same: Intelligent Performance—a combination of high power output and high efficiency.

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