How Porsche came to be can be described best by its founder Ferdinand Anton Porsche, often known as Ferry Porsche. He said, “In the beginning I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself.” His dream of the best sports car has driven Porsche design for more than 65 years. As Porsche develops each new model, each engineering improvement, they follow what is referred to as the Porsche Principle. In essence it means:

  • Get the most out of everything they do
  • Turn performance into speed and success using intelligent methods
  • Get the most ideas per horsepower, not just create the most horsepower

The Porsche Principle is race inspired to provide the most output from the least input. Since Porsche manufactured the 356 No. 1 they constantly strive to meet their high standards, keep stretching boundaries, and always commit to continuous improvement in their automobiles.

Porsche automobiles are instantly recognizable because of the harmony of the total design. They are distinctive for their strong shoulders, high wings, and the characteristic bonnet and roofline. Every Porsche in the 60 year line has carried forward these unique characteristics and made them their own. Each design is proven on test stands, in wind tunnels, and many miles of road testing. Only then is Porsche satisfied a new model is ready to be presented to their customers.

Porsche builds a variety of designs with two or more doors, gas or diesel and even hybrid powerplants, and engine placement from front to rear. But every one of them is a sports car because that’s what they have been doing since 1948. A history of many victories in international racing has been impregnated into the DNA of every Porsche and provides owners of production vehicles the opportunity to enjoy that racing heritage.

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