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Porsche has opened its second Experience Center in Los Angeles, adding to the Atlanta Experience Center as a further way to interact with the US customer market. The Experience Centers allow customers to interact with Porsche vehicles in person, including a test and development track with eight training modules, a racing exhibition with periodic display changes, and a gourmet restaurant. A 90-minute training program is available with an instructor on the test track.

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The new Los Angeles Experience Center is located on 50 acres off Interstate 405 with easy access to three Los Angeles airports. When customers arrange for demonstration training, they will have access to two road circuits, an off-road track, dynamic area, a start and acceleration area, low-friction training, and a skid pad. The new headquarters of Porsche Motorsport North America is also co-located at the Los Angeles Experience Center. The Los Angeles Experience Center joins others in Atlanta, Le Mans, Silverstone, and Leipzig. Another Center is scheduled to open in Shanghai in 2017.

When customers enter the Los Angeles Experience Center, a glass wall allows them a view of the workshop where track vehicles are maintained, historic racing models are repaired, and other racing vehicles are displayed. Porsche Motorsport North America provides maintenance for engines and transmissions, repair services, and racing support at different North American venues during the racing season.

Porsche considers North America critical to their marketing success, and California especially so, with 23% of US vehicles delivered to customers in California in 2015. Nearly 52,000 vehicles were sold to North American customers that same year, and Porsche continues to support its customers in the USA with the two Experience Centers. Porsche estimates that over 100,000 customers experienced the Porsche brand globally from interacting at their global Experience Centers. Even in today’s digital world, real-time interactions with Porsche vehicles is a critical part of the sales process, and Porsche feels the Experience Centers are key to that interaction.

If you are interested in the Porsche Experience Centers, contact us at Manhattan Motorcars. We can connect you with the Experience Centers and answer any questions you have about the exciting Porsche brand. We welcome you to stop by for a test drive in our luxurious Porsches by visiting us at 711 11th Ave, at the corner of 51st St in New York.

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