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Porsche E-Performance is a comprehensive way of using technology to reduce fuel consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions from our vehicles worldwide. It is far more than just a driving mode or single system; it is a multi-faceted system involving the vehicle, energy, and connectivity.

The center of the Porsche E-Performance concept is the vehicle itself. It must combine technology that significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions while retaining the performance that is the basis of the Porsche brand. The best way to accomplish this is with performance hybrid technology. Electric motors can provide instantaneous torque at any speed, while the efficient combustion engine develops horsepower and torque as speeds increase. The result is high torque and a performance response available to the driver over a very wide RPM range. This is a performance that will push you back in your seat — in other words, Porsche.

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The second part of the tripartite E-Performance system is the use of energy. We accomplish this by designing our hybrids as E-Hybrids with plug-in capability. More owners want to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels by allowing the vehicle to be charged when not in use. We don’t simply do this by expecting you to stop away from home; we plan for you to charge at home and supply the charging equipment.

Finally, communication is key for owners to fully understand the state of readiness of their Porsche. The enhanced Porsche Communication Management system acts as a central control for all communication, navigation, and audio functions. Combined with Porsche Connect or Connect Plus modules, the vehicle can access and utilize apps and services and communicate with the owner through smartphone connectivity. Specific functions available to hybrids include checking battery status and charging, remote control of the charging process, remote control of the air conditioning system, and quickly finding charging locations along your route or at your destination.

If you are interested in exploring the technological advances Porsche can offer with their E-Performance system and related modules, come to Manhattan Motorcars and let us show you how Porsche has seamlessly merged performance with environmental stewardship. E-Performance takes Porsche far ahead of competitors by optimizing fuel efficiency and controlling emissions.

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