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Porsche has taken the car many see as the icon of its brand, the 911 S Turbo, and added some enhancements for 2017 which may not be visible but will certainly raise your heart rate a bit.

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The rear engine all-wheel drive Porsche 911 S Turbo has been given a turbocharger with larger impellers, redesigned cylinder heads, and a throttle boost technology to reduce turbo lag when looking for more power. The result is another 20 horsepower, now rated at 580, versus the previous generation’s 560. Top track speed is now over 200 mph, with 0-60 mph times of 2.8 seconds (for full disclosure, the cabriolet version still takes 2.9 seconds). Porsche didn’t ignore fuel efficiency, with the new 911 S Turbo having about 2 mpg better fuel efficiency than its predecessor.

The Porsche 911 S Turbo will feel very much at home on the track, but it will also be very comfortable as your daily drive. There is a trunk with enough room for a couple of overnight bags, and a rear seat for smaller passengers. On a nice day, put the top down and enjoy the world around you as you power through the curves. All 911 Turbos come with lane change and parking assist systems, and a rear view camera. There is also a front suspension lift to help clear low driveways or road intersections.

You can get comfortable in the 911 S Turbo with the 18-way adjustable seats. The 911 S Turbo uses the GT sports steering wheel to place many controls at your fingertips. The front spoiler and rear wing work together to create down force, keeping the 911 S Turbo firmly planted on the road. Porsche also modified the Stability Control with a sport mode which allows the driver more leeway before the system kicks in. There is also a Sport Response button which unleashes maximum horsepower and torque for up to 20 seconds, making it useful for quick passing or just having some fun.

There is no manual transmission option with the Porsche 911 S Turbo. Porsche says the PDK automated manual transmission with paddle shifters is faster on the track anyway, so they see no reason to put a stick in the 911 S Turbo. We think most drivers will agree, and the PDK with its dual-clutch system is a work of engineering.

If you have enjoyed the 911 model line before, or are looking at your first Porsche 911, we think you will be thrilled with the 911 S Turbo. Come to Manhattan Motorcars and let us show you the features of this amazing sports car.

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