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Porsche proudly announces the addition of the available Burmester® 3D High-End Surround Sound System to the new Panamera. This newly developed audio system adds additional speakers in the A-pillars and an Aura 3D digital processing technology to create an audio experience which will remind you of sitting in a fine concert hall.

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The Burmester® system develops 1455 watts of audio output to a 21-speaker array in the Panamera. Speakers include a 400-watt Class D subwoofer and a two-way center array. This drive for aural perfection has been a Porsche goal since the first-generation Panamera included a Burmester® system to provide aficionados with the first high-end engineered system in a sports car. That tradition continues with the new 3D system in the latest Panamera generation.

The goal in the new Panamera was to redefine again the standard for audiophile entertainment in a motor car. The Burmester® system uses highly efficient and powerful Class D amplifiers, new algorithms to digitally process the sound, and Aura 3D technology to create a surround-sound atmosphere unmatched in other vehicles. The 21-speaker system includes four woofers, seven mid-range speakers, two broad-range speakers, and seven tweeters. It also includes the previously mentioned subwoofer in the rear of the vehicle.

Porsche is also the only manufacturer to use Burmester®’s AirMotion Transformer (AMT) in their system. The AMT front speakers have about half the mass of previous speakers, yet can offer several decibels higher sound output. An AMT loudspeaker is used in the center two-way array, offering incredibly lifelike vocal and instrument sounds while also improving the clarity of the navigation and hands-free communication systems.

Although this newly developed Burmester® system will work best with high-resolution uncompressed audio content, it will also faithfully reproduce compressed audio, Bluetooth® audio sources, and even digital radio. Panamera owners can now have the pinnacle of audio reproduction with the available Burmester® High-End 3D Surround Sound System. If you are considering the newly designed Porsche Panamera, come to Manhattan Motorcars and let us add this premiere Burmester® system to your Panamera order. Life is too short to have less than ideal sound in your Panamera.

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