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Departing from the Koenigsegg’s design history and coming from Swedish decent meaning “to reign” is the all new limited edition luxury Regera. You will indeed reign the streets of Manhattan in this sexy, sculptured and clever luxury mega car. NY Luxury Car DealerThis gorgeous vehicle will only be produced in a limited quantity of 80 and Manhattan Motorcars can assist you with making this innovative car yours.

Koenigsegg is known for its excellence in engineering and design yet brings you a new shape and body combining luxury and technology with the Regera. Equipped with a 5.0 liter V-8, with twin turbochargers and dual overhead cams developing 1100 horsepower adding in a 620 volt electric battery system and additional 700 hp of electric motor and you are looking at the fastest accelerating and most powerful vehicle ever. Innovating a Direct Drive (KDD) system that provides power and torque with little weight penalty over a simple engine/transmission setup and having the ability of a battery bank allows this vehicle to output more power than its capacity in short periods. An even cooler feature is the batteries being liquid cooled and being able to utilize an app on your smartphone that can activate the cooling system to pre-cool the interior during those hot summer months.

Surpassing hybrid technology by connecting its engine directly to the electric motor and using power directly from the batteries eliminates electric conversion losses. A plug-in in the rear allows less energy lost when converting gas to electric power. The KDD system allows for the batteries to charge while the engine is running and has a Battery Drain mode switching the drive mode to electric all adding to efficiency of the vehicle.

Additional sound insulation has been added to reduce noise. The interior is equipped with memory foam seating with 8-way electrical adjustments for only the most luxurious comfort available. Fairfield Luxury Car DealerUsing infrared for the infotainment system is a Koenigsegg exclusive. Operating with gloves during cooler months is not an issue. 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, amazing sound system, camera system covering front, rear, and interior with front/rear parking sensors and the ability to diagnose the vehicle remotely simply adds to the innovation.

Hydraulically activated servos opening the doors, hood and engine compartments hands-free replaces the compressed-gas pistons normally used in the hydraulic system. An electronic stability mode with wet/normal/track settings is added along with a new carbon fiber wheel design. The list goes on.

The Koenigsegg Regera is without question the fastest and most powerful luxury mega car with unprecedented clever innovations and eye-catching design. Contact our luxury car dealer to discuss how you could be one of only 80 to own this Limited Edition Beauty.

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