Creating a Bugatti Chrion

When it comes to a work of art like the Bugatti Chiron, there is no other way than to have an extensive, precise production system. One of the most anticipated hypercars of 2017, 12 of these powerful 1,500-horsepower Chiron are currently being assembled at Bugatti’s French headquarters in Molsheim. With 1,800 parts, the carmaker takes nine months from configuration to delivery to produce a Chiron. Out of the 500 total models that are to be produced, up to 70 are planned for this year.

As you would expect, the Chiron is a sophisticated vehicle. Thus the production process is extremely long. Assembly requires 20 employees and about six months from the start of production to delivery. Every Chiron is unique to the buyer’s specifications, which means that the configuration process is a comprehensive one. A simple decision like the color choice is a potential minefield. Your Chiron can be coated, at its most basic level, in a choice of 23 colors for the topcoat and eight carbon variants. For the interior, you can choose from 31 different colors for the seats alone, and according to the carmaker, there are thousands of other colors to choose from. You can even create your custom color if you are particularly picky.

Manhattan Bugatti Chiron

Once the configuration is approved, production plans for the Chiron get underway – it takes an average of about nine months from configuration to delivery. A month before production, the car’s body shell is assembled with a chassis and monocoque substructure before eight layers of visible carbon fiber is applied by hand. The Chiron’s assembly can then begin at the “Atelier” production building – this is where the car’s Veyron predecessor was also built. But because the Chiron is so advanced, Bugatti had to modify the facility to accommodate its more complex production process.

Next, the exterior components are pre-assembled. To handle the 1500-hp Chiron, it was necessary to develop a new rolling dynamometer. The carmaker even had to develop new conductive flooring so any electrostatic charges could be dissipated. There are no robots or conveyor belts at the production plant. Instead, you will find people working on assembly components in 12-person stations, similar to a Formula One team’s workshop.

The chassis is then assembled – a process that takes 3 employees in each station one week to complete. The rear end of the Chiron is built around the powertrain, and the front end and monocoque are joined together. The car is then cooled, which is critical for the Chiron. Once the wheels are bolted to the chassis, the Chiron is transferred to the filling unit station where the brake fluid, transmission and engine oil, coolant and hydraulic fluid are filled.

The next step is the installation of the Chiron’s exterior parts, which are entirely made from lightweight carbon – this process takes about 3 to 4 days. Due to the large and fragile individual parts of the car, Bugatti’s new technology center introduced a pre-assembly stage. Next, before the interior is fitted, an intensive water testing is conducted on the Chiron to make sure that there are no leaks. During a final runway test drive, where the car reaches speeds of more than 155 mph (250 km/h), a transparent plastic foil is applied over it – this takes one whole day to apply and remove and requires removal of its original wheels and underbody.

Finally, final cosmetic checks and optimizations are conducted on the Chiron – this can take weeks if any of the car’s components are not up to standard. You are finally allowed a test drive only after the Bugatti Chiron has passed the automaker’s rigorous quality assurance. After this, delivery is then arranged.

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