Every exotic car has a back story, and Lotus is no exception. Racing legend and engineer Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman built his first Lotus in old stables in North London. He competed in races using his invention and gained the attention of the racing world. The next Lotus to be unveiled was the Elite, known for its very low curb weight because of a fiberglass unibody construction, but more important was Colin’s use of fiberglass in the frame, further reducing weight. This combination made the Lotus a success at Le Mans and many other races.

Lotus is located since 1966 in the former RAF Hethel base. The former runways are used as a test track. Lotus has evolved through several corporate owners, including General Motors, Bugatti, and finally to a Malaysian company. The only Lotus produced new is the Evora, but aficionados can look at the pre-owned market for previous models such as the 349R, Elise S with supercharger, the 2-Eleven, and the T125 Exos available only for the track.

Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman’s legacy lives on, as his initials are emblazoned on every Lotus badge. If you are an exotic car fan who wants a vehicle which will connect you with the road, come to Manhattan Motorcars Chelsea and let us show you the impeccably engineered Lotus Evora or one of our superb pre-owned Lotus cars. We are specialists in exotic cars and can connect you with the Lotus of your dreams.

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