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2020 Lamborghini Huracan RWD

The new 2020 Lamborghini Huracan RWD features new front and rear bumpers, exhaust piping, rear grilles, and 19-inch Kari wheels to give it a more aggressive look. A lot of attention was placed on the exterior design to give it a powerful look and to cleanly slice through the air at any speed. You can enjoy the adjustability of the ANIMA (Adaptive Network Intelligence Management) technology which allows the driver to adjust the Huracan behavior to suit road conditions and driver desire; SPORT gives a slight oversteer, CORSA offers true race behavior, or STRADA provides a great daily comfortable drive behavior with maximum grip.

The active dynamics of the 2020 Huracan RWD are shaped by a combination of features from the steering system, chassis, suspension, infotainment, drivetrain, engine, and transmission:

  • The steering system seamlessly combines comfort and driving safety. It is more sensitive at lower speeds and less active at higher speeds. The Huracan uses an electromechanical power steering system which does not require the normal maintenance of standard hydraulic power steering systems. Also available is Lamborghini’s Dynamic Steering system which varies the steering ratio automatically for ideal steering response in all road conditions.
  • The chassis combines carbon fiber and aluminum to provide the ideal combination of strength and low weight. It also offers a high degree of torsional stiffness to provide amazing handling and road feel.
  • The Huracan double-wishbone suspension structure is the best choice to offer daily driving comfort and convenience with sports performance when needed. There is also an available magnetorheological shock absorber system which provides instantaneous damping based on road conditions, selected driving mode, and driving style.
  • The Lamborghini Infotainment System II provides all necessary information on the vehicle’s performance as well as providing management of audio and available satellite navigation systems. The completely integrated multimedia system allows the driver to access and manage all systems without taking their eyes off the road ahead. There is a connected 12.3-inch high definition TFT driver information cluster positioned directly ahead of the driver.
  • The rear-wheel drivetrain (RWD) in the Huracan uses a combination of features for control and driver enjoyment including electronic stability control, traction control, and a rear mechanical auto-locking differential.
  • The engine of the Huracan is light and compact while offering amazing performance from its 90-degree V-10 architecture. For the first time it also uses a combination of multi-point and IDS stratified injection depending on the driving conditions. They can be used independently or simultaneously to offer the ideal combination of efficiency and performance. There are also available stop/start and cylinder on-demand technologies to further enhance fuel efficiency.
  • The Huracan’s transmission is a dual-clutch automatic system which readies the next gear while the current gear is engaged, resulting in instantaneous shifting and efficiency. The Huracan uses a 7-speed LDF transmission.

Let us not forget the Huracan interior. It is a perfect combination of form and function including the sport steering wheel with multiple functions at the driver’s fingertips, pushbutton start, contrasting stitching on the impeccable upholstery and dashboard, carbon fiber accents throughout the cabin, and much more.

Your source for the extraordinarily crafted and designed 2020 Huracan RWD is Manhattan Motorcars. Please stop by to review our inventory or for inquiries about specific features.

Desirable Luxury

The thrill of driving a Lamborghini is indescribable. By providing a range of colors for the exterior, interior, stitching, cockpit materials and brake calipers, the combinations are practically infinite and allow you to create a car that is unique and exclusively yours while still offering the purest Italian style.

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