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When you see a Lamborghini on a New York street, it’s probably a Lamborghini from Manhattan Motorcars Inc.. Lamborghini cars are built for speed with extreme style. How did Lamborghini get its name? Well, from Ferruccio Lamborghini of course. During World War 2, Ferruccio Lamborghini served in the Italian Air force as a mechanic and was proficient with working on engines. After the war, he began producing tractors by converting military machines and expanding to heaters and air-conditioning units. This venture thrived making Lamborghini a wealthy man.

The young entrepreneur was a car enthusiast and drove the best sports cars of that time. However, he was disappointed with Ferrari and sought to build a better car. So he did. He created a state of the art automotive factory. As a Taurus, Lamborghini used the bull as the company logo and is represented as a sign of strength and beauty. Automobili Lamborghini SpA was founded in 1963 and the first Lamborghini 350GT debuted the same year. The car was named for the 3.5-liter four-cam V12 engine. In 1968 came the Lamborghini 400GT. However, the car that really captivated the world was the mid-engine Miura which stunned car enthusiast everywhere.

Even though he suffered hard times through the 70s, Lamborghini continued to invest into the development of vehicles and brought out the Countach and the Cheetah. Lamborghini also re-released the full redesigned Countach. The exotic car was styled with outlandish vents, aggressive fender flares, and a rear wing. The Countach became the most recognized Lamborghini with the swing up scissor doors. The Diablo was replaced in 2001 by the popular Murcielago. Today, Lamborghini continues to awe enthusiasts with the Huracan and the Aventador.

No matter how many company owners or model changes in its history, Lamborghini still builds cars with speed and extreme style. This is not a car you see on every road in New York. The Lamborghini lineup is limited but only because their vehicles are more than just cars, they are works of art. A car like this caters to a particular driving enthusiast; one who can appreciate a fine work of art. Contact Manhattan Motorcars Inc. in New York City for more information.

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