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Manhattan Motorcars is proud to offer our discriminating customers the 2016 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster. This amazing super sports roadster offers a unique and elegant style clearly differentiating it from its competitors.

The Aventador Roadster makes no apologies for its performance, with a robust 6.5 liter aspirated V-12 generating 700 hp and offering 0-62 mph times of 3 seconds. Using an ISR 7-speed gearbox, the Aventador will bring you chills every time you press the accelerator. Long Island Lamborghini DealerYou can show off the V-12 because Lamborghini added two hexagonal windows above the engine to aid with cooling but also permit a view of the power plant.

Driving any super sports car isn’t fun if you are fighting it for control. Lamborghini matches every suspension component on the Aventador Roadster so the driving dynamics are sporty but always in control. Lamborghini uses a suspension feature inspired by motorsports, where a bell crank activates a vertically integrated spring and damper unit. The result is less mass, improved aerodynamics and controlled steering response.

As with any roadster, aerodynamic forces both aid and hinder response. Air flow creates down forces needed for control at higher speeds, but drag robs performance and requires more horsepower to maintain speed. The engineers at Lamborghini meticulously examined every surface of the Aventador Roadster to maximize performance and minimize parasitic drag. Aventador also has an intelligent rear wing that only extends at mid to high speeds, when additional down force is needed.

The removable roof of the Aventador Roadster is a work of engineering in itself, utilizing advanced composites and carbon fiber. In addition, a removable roof can add more flex to the vehicle frame, since there is no roof to add stiffness. Lamborghini added additional stiffening in various areas that create torsional stability yet only added a bit more than 100 lbs. to the vehicle. In addition, noise levels with the roof removed remain tolerably low even at higher speeds.

The interior of the Aventador Roadster is a showcase of hand-made elegance. Rich Sabbia Nefertem leather creates a welcoming supple look and feel to interior surfaces. The driver station is motorsports or perhaps even aviation inspired, with all controls logically placed. The steering wheel can have smooth, suede, or perforated leather accents, with various controls placed in easy reach. Multifunction displays and infotainment screens allow quick glances while maintaining attention to the extraordinary driving experience.

For those wishing the ultimate in motorsports experience in a classically designed roadster, the answer is the 2016 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. Your life will then be defined as before you owned the Aventador Roadster, and from then on. Our luxury car dealer is located at 711 11th Ave. Corner of 51st Street in New York.

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