Christian von Koenigsegg founded the car company named after him in 1994 at 22 years old. He had always had a dream of designing and producing the ultimate supercar, and his dream began to take shape. In 2000 he debuted the first CC8S prototype at the Paris Motor Show. Eventually, six of the CC8S supercharged vehicles were produced, making it one of the rarest Koenigsegg models.

From that point on, the records and awards began to stack up:

2002 — World’s most powerful production engine
2004 — CCR is the world’s most powerful production car
2005 — CCR is the world’s fastest production car
2006 — CCX records fastest time on Top Gear’s test track
2007 — CCXR sets horsepower record of 1,018 with E85 fuel
2008 — CCX sets several speed records
2010 — Agera won Top Gear Hypercar of the Year award
2011 — Agera R set 0-300-0 km/hr record time
2014 — One:1 was first production car in history with a 1:1 power to weight ratio
2015 — Regera debut introduces Koenigsegg Direct Drive
2015 — One:1 sets new 0-300-0 record of an amazing 17.95 seconds


The latest Koenigsegg production vehicle is the Regera hybrid megacar. The Regera is an alternative to Koenigsegg’s traditional race-ready road cars. It utilizes a compact yet powerful dry-sump twin-turbo 5.0-liter V-8 engine and three electric motors coupled to an innovative battery system to develop a total 1,500 HP. Also, the Regera uses a new powertrain technology called Koenigsegg Direct Drive.

The Regera is a combination of world-class performance, hybrid instant torque, electric drive capability, and the ultimate in interior comfort and craftsmanship. The Direct Drive system replaces the traditional transmission as it has no need for a gearbox. Instead, it delivers power directly to the wheels from the engine, reducing power losses by up to 50 percent. The battery pack is highly efficient and provides 700 HP equivalent through the electric motors, almost triple its closest hybrid competitor. The pack only weighs 75 kg (165 lbs) yet develops 800 volts and 4.5 kWh, making the Regera the first production 800 V car.

The Regera is the first production supercar to utilize a fully robotized skin called “Autoskin”. All body enclosures and the doors operate using hydraulic pressure and actuators with less than 5 kg weight penalty. This system also operates the front and rear active wings and the chassis lift system. All openings and outside mirrors are equipped with proximity sensors to prevent damage from impacts, and the actuators have sensors to stop movement if obstructions are detected or even the pressure of your hand. The hand-built Koenigsegg Regera offers a perfect combination of performance, luxury, style, and the latest technology to provide you a truly unique automobile. The Regera set a new 0-400-0 km/h world record completing the drive in 31.49 seconds beating Koenigsegg’s previous unbeatable record by 1.8 seconds September of this year.


The Koenigsegg Jesko picks up where the Agera RS and defines the latest Koenigsegg megacar. It is fully road-legal but is specifically designed for the track. Some of the key features of the Jesko (named for the father of founder Christian von Koenigsegg) include:


a twin-turbocharged aluminum 5.0-liter V-8 engine is newly designed for the Jesko. It offers 1280 HP (1600 HP when using E85 fuel) and a maximum 1106 lb-ft of torque. The key to this lightweight engine is the world’s lightest crankshaft at a little over 25 lbs. Also, the connecting rods are extremely lightweight steel weighing about 1.2 pounds including the bolts while being stronger than the previous titanium rods.


The LST is the second transmission 100% designed and built at Koenigsegg. It is a 9-speed multi-clutch unit that shifts up or down between gears almost instantaneously. It also utilizes their Ultimate Power on Demand (UPOD) technology that chooses the optimum gear for maximum power at any speed, and not necessarily the next gear in line. If the system predicts the driver needs to shift from first to fifth gear the UPOD can do it without loss of torque and G forces.


The strength of the Jesko is in its monocoque comprised of a carbon fiber and aluminum sandwich with integrated fuel tanks and rollover protection, and using Dyneema fiber which is the strongest in the world. The new tub is both deeper and longer for more legroom, headroom, and better visibility through the wraparound windshield. The tub retains its world-best torsional rigidity while offering excellent crash protection as proven in EU and USA crash testing.

The suspension uses Koenigsegg’s Triplex system first developed for the Agera in 2010, and used in both the front and rear of the Jesko. The front system keeps the car level while the rear prevents suspension squat that occurs during hard acceleration. The two systems also stabilize the Jesko against as much as 2200 pounds of downforce the car can create at speed.

Another feature offered in the Jesko is adaptive rear-wheel steering. At low speeds the rear wheels counter-steer to the front, allowing for a much smaller turning radius. At higher speeds the rear wheels turn in concert with the front, thus creating a larger virtual wheelbase for cornering on the track and better stability on the road.


The aerodynamic features of the Jesko are all designed to enhance track performance. The vehicle is newly designed in the rear wing, front splitter, and front diffuser. These active aerodynamic features maximize downforce while minimizing drag. The wraparound windshield has been improved for better visibility while acting to reduce upper body lift and deliver high-quality airflow to the rear wing.


The Jesko may be a track-designed megacar, but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable to accomplish that goal. The interior is a comfortable space containing Alcantara, leather, aluminum, glass, and carbon fiber elements. All controls are placed precisely where needed. A push of a button activates Autoskin that uses miniaturized hydraulic actuators to open the doors and hoods for a truly touch-free system. The carbon-fiber seats are electrically adjustable and can be covered in either leather or Alcantara with an almost endless color palette to suit the owner. The Jesko also uses a SmartWheel with two touchscreens embedded in the steering wheel with haptic feedback that allows the driver a variety of configurations for audio, ride height, phone controls, and cruise control among others.

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