Introducing the Bentley Bentayga Mulliner

The Bentley is associated with stately luxury, sophistication, and plenty of charm. The introduction of the Bentley Bentayga Mulliner offers fans of the Bentley another opportunity to explore the luxury that brand Bentley stands for. For people who see car journeys as an end in itself, this vehicle offers the most luxurious amenities, ranging from bottle coolers to pleasing exterior styling.

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While luxury and aesthetics are associated with the Bentley armada of benefits, performance too is a critical factor in ensuring continued patronage. The car comes with a powerful 6.0liter engine offering plenty of power and smooth performance. The car is notable for its speedy acceleration and can offer speeds up to 180 miles per hour. So, if you are looking for a capacious, luxurious SUV type car that can take you on the best journeys, the Bentley Bentayga Mulliner is the car to choose.


The Bentley Bentayga Mulliner carries the stamp of careful Bentley craftsmanship. The car offers two-tone color scheme and is expected to appeal because of the sophisticated exterior finish. The streamlined effect is carried forward by the finish. While the car proclaims elegance loud and clear, the finish helps create the impression of rugged, raw power. Combined, the two factors make a strong statement. Adding to the car’s external charms are the 22-inch multispoke wheels. The car comes with the standard logo and chrome grilles.


Occupying the interiors of the Bentley Bentayga Mulliner is a dream come true for people who have wanted their daily journeys to be comfortable and luxurious. The car is fitted with two-tone upholstery, offering a feeling of depth to the interiors. Plus, there are many ways to customize the interiors by choosing additional colors. The plush leather upholstery, painstakingly hand embroidered, are the highlights of the interiors.

Defining the ultimate in luxury is the bottle cooler in the interiors, complete with lighted storage and sparkling crystal flutes. Wood finish, walnut, to be exact, offers, even more, hints to luxury. It highlights the dashboard and other parts of the interiors. The car comes with ambient lights powered by LED lamps, strategically placed to create the perfect interior ambiance.

Should you be looking for high-performance cars to help you accomplish road journeys in ease and safety, Manhattan Motorcars has many luxury vehicles for you to choose from. From the Bentley to the Bugatti and Porsche, there are plenty of brands offered through the dealership.

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