Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) has dreamed of winning the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race ever since their entry in the Nürburgring 24-hour in 2011 using the SCG 003C. Their SCG 003C entry went from a 35th place finish the first year to 19th in only three years, finishing the 24-hour race every year. They will now have their chance at Le Mans since FIA’s announcement (1) to change rules for the 2020/2021 racing season.

As a result, SCG is developing their first “hypercar” entry into the new FIA production-based hypercar division with the LMP1-based SCG 007. Founder Jim Glickenhaus stated “It’s been 50 years since a car built in America finished First Overall at Le Mans. We aim to change that.” SCG’s plan is to build a limited run of 25 road-legal versions and the Le Mans racer with all profits going to fund SCG’s Le Mans racing program.

Glickenhaus has stated that the SCG 007 will be built to FIA sanctioning standards now that the technical requirements have been released for the 2020/2021 series. He also stated that converting the 007 to road-ready may only require an engine change and different tires. They are looking at GM engines as possible choices for the road-legal version.

It may seem incredulous for a Le Mans hypercar to be operated on roads, but SCG has previous experience with the concept after racing the SCG 003C at Nürburgring and then issuing the SCG 003S for the private owner market. It is well within their engineering capability and SCG is fully committed to a Le Mans victory and creating a full line of performance road cars and the 007 road-legal car.

For more information on the SCG 007 program or other performance SCG vehicles, contact Manhattan Motorcars sales group at (866) 325-1538.


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