The Glickenhaus line of road-legal performance cars including the SCG003 are hand-built at their factory in Sleepy Hollow NY. The variants of the SCG003 include the road version SCG003S, the road-ready performance SCG003CS, and the full competition SCG003C SPX/GTE. Road-legal in the US means the vehicle is NHTSA low-volume compliant with a 17-digit VIN and is legal in at least 49 states. Full customization services are available for the SCG003S and CS.

The SCG003S is built using a carbon fiber subframe, chassis, and body. It is powered by a BMW 4.4 liter reverse flow twin-turbo engine providing 700 horsepower at the rear wheels. Power is delivered through a paddle-shifted Cima gearbox. Performance specifications include:

  • Maximum speed in excess of 230 MPH
  • 0-60 MPH in less than 3 seconds
  • 1900 pounds of net down force
  • 2 Gs mechanical grip on the tires

Other performance and driver assist features include:

  • Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes
  • Forgeline centerlock wheels
  • Driver-controlled front and rear lifters
  • Driver-adjusted shocks with different settings for road or track
  • A wooden protective layer underneath the car’s full length
  • Race-inspired exterior mirrors with cameras and dashboard mirror screens
  • Race-inspired steering wheel with pushbutton controls for many functions
  • Choice of exterior paint and interior leather or Alcantara colors
  • Optional clear coat or tinted carbon fiber body

The Glickenhaus SCG003CS offers the following features:

  • SCG003CS body, rear wing, and interior
  • 2200 pounds of net aerodynamic down force
  • Weight of 2600 pounds

The high performance yet road-legal Glickenhaus SCG003 is available through Manhattan Motorcars. Please contact us for more information on ordering or customization.


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