The Fast, The Powerful 2015 Bugatti Grand Sport!

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Bugatti was originally a French car manufacturer founded in 1909. The company quickly became best known for vehicle engineering and their artistic designs. All of these facts still hold true today and show bright with the new 2015 Bugatti Grand Sport.

Westport Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse

The CT Bugatti Grand Sport embodies all that Connecticut is- stylish, fast, and powerful. With its unique, futuristic styling the Bugatti a stands out from the crowd, turning heads wherever it drives. The low aluminum and carbon body of the coupe sports an aesthetically pleasing color split with smooth, rounded curves. Mirroring the exterior is an upscale cabin that features fine leather with darker seams accented by chrome trim.

Powering the super light Grand Sport is a dynamic turbocharged 8.0L W16 engine that produces 1,183 hp. Paired with the engine is a 7-speed automatic transmission with all-wheel drive. The Bugatti accelerates from 0 to 60 in an incredible 2.5 seconds and goes a maximum speed of 254 mph.

If you live in or around Westport or Stamford, CT and you’re up to the challenge of owning one of the fastest cars on earth, come pay Connecticut Luxury Car Dealer a visit on 11th Avenue and experience the new 2015 Bugatti Grand Sport for yourself.

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