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Bentley knew when they began the task of creating the Bentayga, the only goal could be to redefine what is an SUV. There could be no equal to this amazing vehicle when they were done, and there is no peer to the Bentayga. Bentley’s designers took on the task of shaping light, texture, technology, and performance into an SUV which would stand alone.

Light is key to the Bentayga design, because we don’t really see a car, we see the light reflected from it. How that light is shaped and sculpted makes the difference between drab and breathtaking. The Bentayga uses body shaping to mold the light in such details as the sharp power line, muscular stance, a B-shaped wing vent behind the front wheel arches, and the “B” graphic rear lights.

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Textures are applied to the exquisite craftsmanship on the Bentayga’s interior. Nowhere in the world is such care and dedication taken in combination with a passion for perfection. If you are lucky enough to own a Bentayga, you will experience that perfection each time you open the door and enter the cabin.

Technology is demanded by owners in today’s vehicles, and Bentayga is no exception. The driver has access to multiple driving modes, driver assistance features, and precise electronic power assisted steering. Bentayga is the first SUV to offer more than two audio system choices, and the driver can access a multitude of features with voice, hand controls, even gestures to suit their personal tastes. All rear seat passengers have multiple systems available, including TV and video, voice calls, streaming media, games, and navigation.

Performance is offered via an all-new W12 TSI engine. This amazing power plant provides class-leading power, torque, and fuel efficiency. Bentayga was also tested in the mountains of northern Spain, a hostile environment that could overwhelm many vehicles. The Bentayga handled rough terrain with aplomb, showing excellent traction and axle performance over nearly impassable routes. Bring the Bentayga back to the paved road and enjoy 0-60 mph times of 4.0 seconds and a top speed of 187 mph. This is not your grandmother’s SUV, unless your grandmother owns a Bentayga.

Bentley is also proud to announce the introduction of a diesel engine option for the Bentayga. Now you have a truly global vehicle which will operate anywhere on the planet with the same comfort and craftsmanship.

If you are ready to break the mold on your perception of an SUV, come to Manhattan Motorcars and let us show you the world-class Bentley Bentayga. You too can then enjoy the Bentayga experience on either a paved road or a remote mountain trail.

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