Your hunting or fishing cabin, or ski resort chalet, awaits you for a weekend of rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, the road there is unimproved, and your Bentley sedan is just not up to the task, regardless of its strength and pedigree. Should you have to park it in the garage and take a pickup truck? Good grief no. Not with the Bentley Bentayga available to you.

The Bentayga is redefining the SUV category. It not only has the luxury and comfort you have come to expect from Bentley, but you will have extraordinary off-road performance. Oh, by the way, you will also have the fastest production SUV in the world. That hunting or fishing trip starting to sound better? We have a lot more to tell you.

Off-road vehicles often are a compromise of performance features. The need for additional torque for off-road results in gear ratios or engine performance compromises. Handling suffers from stiffer suspensions and other changes that sacrifice driver pleasure. Bentley intended from the beginning to create an ultra-luxury SUV without these compromises. A vehicle that will bring pleasure on any paved road, yet will give the driver confidence and safety in harsher road conditions. Why should you have to compromise to own an SUV? We don’t think you should.

All automotive manufacturers tout technology as a sales point for their vehicles because owners today have a wide range of interests in navigation, entertainment, or even business needs for instant connectivity. The Bentayga has a superb suite of electronics, but not just for form. The function is the key to the Bentayga, including eight on- and off-road driving modes, and a choice of four air suspension ride heights. There are also more than ten driver assist systems, including assistance for traffic, pedestrian warnings, and city safeguards. Bentley also introduces the Bentley Dynamic Ride System and electronic system that redefines passenger comfort and ride performance.

Some of the features described above help the driver, and some are purely for passenger comfort and fun, but adding to that fun is now a choice of two sound systems. The controls are diverse as rotary dials, touch controls, gestures, and even your voice can control the system. Rear seat passengers will also have access to television and video, games, music, navigation features, and streaming media. With all these features, you will need to remind your passengers to look out the window and enjoy the view from time to time.

The strength is evident in Bentley’s design of their SUV. A combination of aluminum and high-strength steel creates a frame of exceptional toughness. When coupled with an all-aluminum body, the combination results in a vehicle that is 220 lb. (100 kg) lighter than if all steel construction was used. This lighter body results in greater performance from the powertrain, which already provides impressive statistics without the weight reduction.

The interior of the Bentayga is all Bentley, with leathers from cooler, higher altitude farms where fewer insect bites cause fewer blemishes in the leather. With hand-rubbed and formed veneers, meticulously crafted using the highest quality standards. Bentley’s upholsterers take such pride in their work, they sign the back of the hide when completing a seat. You no longer have to accept those compromises you once did to get an SUV that will serve your every need in ultra-luxury and comfort.

What’s in a name? The Roque Bentayga is a peak in the Atlantic Canary Islands. It stands alone, resplendent from every view. Unlike more common geographic features, it catches the eye with its singular shape and appeals to the senses for its timeless beauty, strength, and form. Bentley could not have found a better name for their dynamic new SUV with nearly one hundred years of Bentley tradition and quality behind it.

As with all Bentleys, how you design your Bentayga will only be limited by your imagination. If your desires have been to have the prestige and luxury of your Bentley when heading off-road for the weekend, those dreams are now a reality with the Bentayga. Come meet with us at Manhattan Motorcars, and let us design a singular Bentayga for you.


At Bentley Motors we are dedicated to developing and crafting the world’s most desirable high-performance cars. A hand-built Bentley is always unmistakable. All it takes is a glance at the twin headlights, matrix grille or the high waistline to know one.
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