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The Robb Report UK has named the Bentley Bentayga SUV of the year for 2016. The Robb Report used a panel of automotive experts to review this year’s luxury cars. The Bentayga stood out as being “truly groundbreaking.”

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Erin Baker, Automotive Editor at Robb Report UK, stated that the Bentley Bentayga created a new market segment of the “ultra-luxury SUV.” Baker also reported that the Bentayga exceeded all previous benchmarks of luxury SUVs. With its W12 powertrain and amenities rarely found even in the luxury class, the Bentayga has created a new target for all other manufacturers to dream of attaining.

The program to develop the Bentayga has been the most extensive in Bentley’s history. Their successful goal was to create a new category of SUVs, exceeding the desires of even the most discriminating owner desiring the passenger and cargo capacity of an SUV. No matter what environment the driver will encounter, they will have the capability, power, and ultimate luxury expected of the Bentley badge.

When you explore Bentayga, you will find a perfect balance of design, performance, and technology. You will recognize the Bentley DNA immediately in the four familiar round headlights, the matrix grille, and innovative superforming of metals to create lines unmatched by any other vehicle. Inside the Bentayga is the pinnacle of expert handcrafting. Exquisite materials, fine workmanship, and features such as compact quilting elements on the seats to mimic a traditional shooting jacket all add to the panache and allure of Bentayga. The available 22-inch forged and machined aluminum wheels are the largest ever designed for a Bentley.

Performance is supplied by the twin-turbo W12 engine, the most technologically advanced engine in the world to date. Using a mix of port and direct injection, the W12 can hit 0-60 mph in 4.0 seconds, and reach a top speed of 187 mph. It can also develop from 5 to 90 percent torque in about one second, twice as fast as any previous engine. Off-road, the Bentayga can remain stable on slopes of up to 35 degrees from horizontal.

Technology is evident throughout the Bentayga, including a custom 1500-watt audio system, two 10.2-inch tablets to entertain rear seat passengers, connectivity from Bluetooth®, internal memory, SD cards, or USB, a 4G WiFi hotspot accessible to all passengers, playback using Apple CarPlay, and a front 8-inch infotainment system to control many functions. Driver assistance features include more than 10 systems, including a heads-up display, NightVision to recognize people and animals after dark, blind spot assistance, and traffic stop recognition. Systems are seamlessly integrated with sensors and an array of cameras to provide assistance to the driver at all times. Bentayga’s navigation system uses real-time traffic, Google Street Maps, Google Earth, and Google’s informational database to find destinations and landmarks.

If the groundbreaking ultimate design and execution of the Bentley Bentayga is what you have been searching for without success, you will be satisfied by coming to Manhattan Motorcars. Bentley Motorcars will build your Bentayga to suit your individual tastes and needs, so stop by and discuss your wish list with us at Manhattan Motorcars.

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