Bentayga Named “SUV of the Year” by Robb Report

Robb Report magazine awarded its first “SUV of the Year” recognition to the Bentley Bentayga. The voting was done by Robb Report’s editorial team and selected members of the RRI club managed by the magazine. As part of the determination, seven production SUVs including the Bentayga were driven through a rugged course in Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas.

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Robb Report is considered the standard for influencing the luxury vehicle market with its publication of all things luxurious. It encompasses 17 international editions worldwide. Content is designed to feature luxury information and reviews of a wide range of passions for those who live or crave that lifestyle.

The results appeared quite clear to the voting team. Robert Ross, Robb Report editor, said “If the best way to fly is ‘private’, Bentayga is general aviation’s four-wheeled equivalent. There is no getting around the fact that Bentley’s Bentayga was the run-away winner.”

Bentayga offers Bentley owners the unmatched luxury and comfort of Bentley with the rugged benefits of an SUV. The Bentayga will maintain its comfort and passenger convenience regardless of the conditions outside the vehicle. Bentley feels the Bentayga will redefine the luxury SUV segment with a vehicle that offers the fastest, most luxurious, and most powerful SUV in the world.

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