Aventador S Coupe: The Icon Reborn

The problem with creating an icon is you can’t recreate it, you can only surpass it with a new challenger. And surpass it Lamborghini has done with the new Aventador S Coupé. It builds on the long history of the Miura, Islero, Countach, and Urraco to offer an unmatched driving experience to owners who yearn to separate themselves from the mundane.

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The Aventador S Coupé features an exclusive new design with sharp lines to highlight its aggressive stance and assist in aerodynamic performance. Shark-fin front elements and the long sloping front end provide downforce 130% greater than the earlier Aventador. New side air vents reduce turbulence, improve cooling, and increase engine efficiency.

An icon reborn needs the right engine to provide the complete experience, and Lamborghini continues using the legendary V-12 engine. The new Aventador S engine develops 40 horsepower more than its predecessor, now offering an impressive 740 horsepower. Harnessing this dynamic performance is the new LVDA active vehicle dynamics system to provide a challenging driving experience.

The interior of the Aventador S Coupé reflects Lamborghini’s goal of creating a technologically advanced super sports car that doesn’t lose its sense of luxury. The craftsmanship is extraordinary with all materials of the highest quality available in limitless combinations. There is a new S-trim configuration to celebrate the new Aventador S. Owners can opt to leave parts of the carbon-fiber body exposed and use a new Carbon Skin® interior finish. Technology enhancements include an interactive TFT LCD display with completely new graphics, and an option to use LED lighting throughout the interior.

Of course, owning any Lamborghini wouldn’t be complete without the right driving dynamics to provide the ultimate experience, and the Aventador S Coupé won’t disappoint with its sophisticated Lamborghini Active Vehicle Dynamics control unit. This system of active controls includes:

  • A combination of active front-wheel steering and the rear-wheel steering system which is activated at lower speeds to create unmatched cornering
  • 4-active suspension uses magneto-rheological shock absorbers with pushrods which constantly adjust the suspension based on road conditions and the selected driving mode
  • 4-wheel drive that adjusts to the drive mode selected by the driver
  • The drive mode selector offering four selections of Strada, Sport, Corsa, and Ego to regulate the engine, transmission, stability control, suspension, and steering and provide the optimum driving experience for the selected mode.

If you wish to own a new icon created by the Lamborghini Aventador S Coupé, come to Manhattan Motorcars and let us help you create a custom Aventador S that meets your every desire.

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