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The Hurricane: a massively powerful force of nature, whipping through the air at furious speeds and splitting the sky with thunder and lightning. This is the spirit of Lamborghini’s newest vehicle. It roars with the same magnificent intensity, turning the road ahead into a symphony of rubber, carbon, and metal. If you can tame it, it offers the zenith of style, performance, and advanced automotive engineering. This is speed given corporeal form. This is the 2015 NY Lamborghini Huracan.

2015 NY Lamborghini Huracan

Every element of the Huracan embodies the performance spirit for which Lamborghini is so well known. The stance is low and wide, with massive scoops feeding air into the 610 horsepower V10 engine. The frame and body are made of carbon fiber, advanced aluminum alloy, and cutting edge composite materials. An aluminum double-wishbone suspension keeps the vehicle flat and planted through aggressive cornering. Sixty miles an hour comes in just over 3 seconds, 124 miles an hour in just under ten, and on to a blistering top speed of 202 mph. All that power and speed is routed to the wheels through the most advanced dual-clutch transmission Lamborghini has ever made, with variable shift characteristics.

Lamborghini knows that their vehicles are not only beasts of force, but also a luxury and a spectacle all in one. The interior is designed after fighter jets, with switches and toggles on the center console, and a centrally mounted push-button start reminiscent of a missile firing system. The beautiful engine can be seen through the sharply sloped rear windshield, and the cabin is trimmed in the finest Italian leather. To further enhance the Huracan experience, Lamborghini offer a number of accessories through their Accessori Originali branch. Personalize your vehicle with a carbon-forged rim badge or an upgraded racing exhaust. Invest in their satellite anti-theft protection system for added peace of mind. Or make sure your vehicle is always properly cared for with a car care kit, digital pressure monitor, or battery maintenance system.

Whether you live in Brookville or Manhasset, come join us at Manhattan Motorcars, your local Long Island Lamborghini Dealer and take a Huracan for a test drive, and let its raw power sweep you off your feet like the storm for which it is named!

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