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NY Drive: Aventador Roadster | New York New Lamborghini

The Sunday drive: Car enthusiasts the world-over look forward to that day. This past Sunday was a special treat for me, as it was the first opportunity I’ve had to spend some quality time in the formidable 2014 Aventador Roadster. I also had a craving… for a lobster roll. The Hamptons for lunch? Challenge accepted.

First, I needed to get acquainted with my partner for this drive. The 2014 edition of the Aventador Roadster is not what you call subtle. This car, in Dark Gray with red stitching and brake calipers, looks nothing short of evil, and everyone on the block seemed to need a photo of it. The sun was shining and the top was off and stowed in a few short minutes. The previous V12-Murcielago’s umbrella-like soft top was abandoned for 2 carbon pieces that fit snugly in the front cargo area. After opening the iconic “scissor” doors and lowering myself into the fighter-jet like cabin, I pressed the missile-launch-style starter button and brought the 700hp 6-liter V12 to life. Pulling the car out onto 11th Avenue, I was immediately reminded that nothing stops traffic like a big Lamborghini.

Long Island Aventador Roadster

Navigating through New York City can be a challenge in any car, and one would expect a 217 mph Lamborghini to be impossible, but the car comfortably creeps along in traffic, manages bumps well, and the navigation system is clear and easy to use. I pointed the car due east and made my through the midtown tunnel and onto Long Island. 100 miles to Montauk and The Clam Bar.

Once free of the city, the Aventador was more than ready to stretch its legs. The long gearing and extended wheel base make for a highway cruising machine. 1st gear is good for almost 70mph and the sprint to 60mph is dispatched in just 2.7 seconds. If you are gentle with the go-pedal, the Aventador returns nearly 20 mpg, but let me tell you, it’s not east to show restraint. Not wanting to get the attention of Long Island’s finest, I settled in to the supportive sport seats, put the transmission in automatic, and set the cruise control for 65.

This New York New Lamborghini unveiled a new suspension design for the Aventador, featuring push-rod Ohlins dampers front and rear. This setup provides incredibly responsive handling in all conditions, be it a track day at Monticello Motor Club, or my dash out to the Hamptons for lunch. The gearbox is a 7-speed ISR automated manual transmission. It features a single clutch and can execute shifts in 50 milliseconds. Shift speed, 4-wheel drive, and steering ratios vary depending on which of the 3 driving modes you select on the center console. Strada is the most docile, Sport offers more aggressive parameters, and Corsa is full-on race mode. Sunday was a Strada-mode day however, as the light traffic didn’t allow for any pedal-to-the-metal jaunts. I arrived in Amagansett just after noon and parked in front of the red and white stand. Lobster time.

I could wax poetic about this machine all day, but the point of this journey was satisfying a craving, and the Clam Bar delivered. Lobster rolls bliss. One craving was not satisfied, however. And I had 100 more miles back to the city to work on that one.

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