2014 Bentley Mulsanne

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The 2014 Bentley Mulsanne is a car with strong heritage and legacy, yet is impeccably crafted for the 21st century. The Mulsanne’s lineage of racing is clearly evident in the sculpting of the sleek and powerful body and the unceasing power & torque which is the hallmark of every Bentley is well represented. There are no sufficient words to describe driving the New York Bentley Mulsanne for you. Once you ease behind the wheel and head out to the Manhattan, New York streets, the extreme level of performance coupled with graceful potential will capture your imagination. The sheer contentment of the experience of driving the Mulsanne will make even the sting of Long Island traffic melt away.

2014 Long Island Bentley

The Mulsanne, like every NY Bentley for the last half century, boasts a relentless V8 engine; in the case of this vehicle, a twin-turbocharged 6¾-litre V8 engine. This provides the uncompromising ability to offer maximum torque with just a light press on the accelerator, accompanied by an eight-speed automatic transmission and steering-wheel mounted paddle shift. Every major component is created to be light and strong, intuitively minimizing internal loads and friction for exceptional engine response. The attention to hi-tech perfection extends to the in-cabin infotainment technology, represented by state of the art capability which is also incredibly simple to operate. Beautifully concealed behind a luxuriously- veneered panel is a 60GB hard drive, which is the heart and soul of the Long Island Bentley Mulsanne’s personality. With a single command, the voice-activated screen facilitates the 14 speaker audio system, iPod™ or other media connection, 3D satellite navigation and Bluetooth telephone connectivity available at your Manhattan Bentley Dealer. To appease our NY Exotic backseat drivers, your rear passengers also have access to the navigation controls, making traversing Long Island and Manhattan a familiar experience.

Even amongst the most exclusive ultra-luxury automobiles, the Mulsanne emerges head and shoulders above the rest in regards to painstaking craftsmanship. The starting point in any Long Island Bentley commissioning process is personal choice. You’ll discover a huge selection of colors, hides and veneers from which to design your dream vehicle at our NY Exotic Car Dealer. Ultimately, your specifications may lead you to something even more privileged. This is where our craftspeople shine, adding the magic to the process. There is no stitch out of place, no finish not perfectly harmonized. The Mulsanne is the epitome of opulence, and is waiting to be discovered. Check out the variety of New York Lease Specials online today!

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