The Manual is Back in the 2018 Porsche 911 GT3

In 2016, Porsche only offered the 911 GT3 with the PDK automatic seven-speed gearbox. The purists were not impressed, and Porsche listened. For 2018, the Manhattan Porsche 911 GT3 will have a six-speed manual gearbox as a no-cost option. This gearbox was taken from the venerable 911R and features shorter ratios for better acceleration in each gear, and shorter throws to optimize the feel.

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Creating a Bugatti Chrion

When it comes to a work of art like the Bugatti Chiron, there is no other way than to have an extensive, precise production system. One of the most anticipated hypercars of 2017, 12 of these powerful 1,500-horsepower Chiron are currently being assembled at Bugatti’s French headquarters in Molsheim. With 1,800 parts, the carmaker takes nine months from configuration to delivery to produce a Chiron. Out of the 500 total models that are to be produced, up to 70 are planned for this year.

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Porsche Unveils 2018 Panamera E-Hybrid Plug-In

New York 2018 Panamera E-Hybrid | Wilton Luxury Car Dealer

Last September at the Paris Auto Show, Porsche unveiled a performance luxury hybrid with its 2018 Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Plug-In. Porsche states that the goal with this plug-in is “sustainable mobility”. When you review the specs, we think most owners will forget it’s a plug-in hybrid until they plug it in for the night.

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Porsche Opens New Experience Center

Porsche Experience Center | Wilton Luxury Car Dealer

Porsche has opened its second Experience Center in Los Angeles, adding to the Atlanta Experience Center as a further way to interact with the US customer market. The Experience Centers allow customers to interact with Porsche vehicles in person, including a test and development track with eight training modules, a racing exhibition with periodic display changes, and a gourmet restaurant. A 90-minute training program is available with an instructor on the test track.

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Break the Mold in the Bentley Bentayga

NYC Bentley Bentayga | New Canaan Luxury Cars

Bentley knew when they began the task of creating the Bentayga, the only goal could be to redefine what is an SUV. There could be no equal to this amazing vehicle when they were done, and there is no peer to the Bentayga. Bentley’s designers took on the task of shaping light, texture, technology, and performance into an SUV which would stand alone.

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